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Hunting, fishing, cooking, camping all require reliable and tough blades. Karesuando and Eka produce beautiful yet precise and functional knives for any application. Scroll to explore our elite range.

Hunting and camping are considered both a popular pastime and a serious tradition in Australia. Only a true outdoors person would know the pleasures of going out into the woods and camp. But no matter where you are camping Australia, few things need to be standard, like a good filleting and hunting knives. At Dawn Mowers, we provide a huge array of knives to cover all your needs in the outdoor or culinary world. If you are looking for a top-quality filleting knife or looking for a pair of good hunting knives in Australia, you have come to the right place.

So, while cutting your meat, you either feel that the knife is too big or two small? You end up with wrong or careless cuts that only affects the flavour of the meat. Choosing the right knife to carve your meat is very important whether you are cutting your hunted game, perfect catch or nugget your piece of meat in the kitchen. Therefore, a filleting knife is a necessity for every meat expert.

A filleting knife is a culinary knife used for filleting meat or fish. It is a very flexible knife with a long blade that allows it to slide along the back bone or under the skin. Kero filleting knives are hand crafted in northern Sweden by experienced personnel using top quality materials. These knives are made with genuine craftsmanship and traditional methods making it durable, handy and easy to use.

Typically, a hunting knife in Melbourne is a blade that you use while hunting wild game. It can be used as an implement to kill the game. It is also used to gut and clean the animal. Based on the type of game you are hunting, you may want to choose a hunting knife based on its size, hide and even your location. Your knife needs to be agile and sharp enough to let you work with your game quickly before attracting other wild animals in the area. This all-purpose knife needs to be just the right size, sharpness and weight.

Luckily, at Dawn Mowers we have a huge collection of hunting knives across Australia, varying in size, purpose and price range. Knives from Karesuando and EKA offer beautiful yet functional and precise knives that can be used for any application. Just browse through our elite range and choose the filleting or hunting knife you need.

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