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Cat's zero-tail-swing 301.7D CR mini excavator can work comfortably in

confined work areas with the machine upper frame able to slew within

its track width. With standard telescoping undercarriage, the machine

is just 990mm. wide when retracted but lays down a 1300mm. stance

when the tracks are extended. Two-way auxiliary hydraulics allow operation

bi-directional tool such as augers.


  • Two travel speeds

  • Net power: 17.7 hp

  • Operating weight: 1690 kg.

  • Dig depth: 2321mm.

  • Dump height: 2441mm. 

  • Width - Undercarriage Width – Retracted 990 mm

               Undercarriage Width – Extended 1300 mm 

SAFETY TIP: Please ensure you are always wearing the

following protective items when operating this equipment…




Whether you are a broker or the property owner, caterpillar excavators are a necessity in construction work. These machines guarantee the best fuel efficiency, unmatched versatility and top performance. These machines can be counted on to get the work done properly. The Caterpillar Excavator provides durability and easy operation. Equipped with safety features and the latest technology, this machine is sure to enhance your productivity, instigating envy in your competitors. But Caterpillar Excavator are expensive and buying them can stress your budget. The solution? Hire them. A caterpillar Excavator for hire relieves you of budget, maintenance and repair worries. What’s more, the rental comes with its own experienced operator.

Caterpillar Excavators for hire are built to meet each unique business need. With an experienced operator, it offers more efficiency, accuracy, productivity and reliability, leaving you to focus on other aspects of the construction activity. It is a perfect way to save time and money. In addition to this, if you opt for Caterpillar excavator for hire, you don't need to worry about insurance, servicing or maintenance. Leave that to us.

4 reasons to rent a Cat excavator

1.It avoids capital outlay- You are free to use your capital that would otherwise be spent on buying a machine to invest in other projects required for other construction activity. 

2.Relieves you of depreciation worries- Opting for a cat excavator for hire allows you to access the latest technology in earth moving equipment without having to worry about the machine’s wear and tear and its depreciating value.
3.Provides flexibility- The construction work line is ever changing. You might need a cat excavator one day while another type of machine for another job requirement. Hiring a cat excavator provides you this flexibility of using different machines.
4.Try and test it- Choosing a Caterpillar excavator for hire allows you to operate the equipment for trial and assess if it suits your needs.

Opting for caterpillar excavators for hire promises you reliability, enduring performance and peace of mind. We are here for you to meet all your construction needs


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