Gränsfors Bruk Swedish Broad Axe (480)

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The Gränsfors Broad Axe model 1900 has a traditional design and is suitable for squaring logs and planks, for example when building a log house. Broad Axes vary greatly depending on the shape of the head and edge and the angle of the handle.

There are two designs in terms of the head and edge. By far the most common is for the axe blade to be centred in relation to the head and eye. A special-order version is also available, where the axe blade is slightly angled in relation to the head, allowing the axe to glide along the log, without its eye catching on the log.

The Broad Axe has three grind options. As a rule, the Broad Axe is ground on both sides of the edge (knife grind). The double-sided Broad Axe is often used for making joints, but also for all sorts of timber and plank hewing. The axe is also available as a special order ground only on one side (scissor grind). On a scissor-ground axe, the side of the head that does not have a ground bevel face is generally flat and on the right-hand side of the edge. The left-hand side of the edge is the ground side. The flat side of the axe is more ‘aggressive’ and is used when the log has to be really smooth, for example when planing structural timbers. The other side is used when the log is to have a slight wave pattern and thus does not need to be as smooth. The reverse scissor grind is also available as the exact opposite of the scissor grind.


(Centered head, Knife grind)


(Not centered head, Scissor grind)


(Centered head, Reverse scissor grind)

The Broad Axe has three options for the angle of the handle. The Broad Axe handle is attached straight as standard, with the blade parallel to the handle. However, the axe can also be ordered with the blade angled to the right (right-angled) or to the left (left-angled). With an angled handle, the handle and your hands remain at a distance from the timber, thereby minimising the risk of personal injury. To determine whether the axe is right- or left-angled, hold the axe with the head up and the handle down, with the poll facing you. If the edge leans to the right, the axe is right-angled and if it leans to the left it is left-angled.


Produkter-Timringsverktyg-mod1900-5-(rak)Straight Produkter-Timringsverktyg-mod1900-6-(höger)Right-angled

Product info

Item no: 480

Length with handle: 50 cm (19.5”)

Weight: 1,6 kg (3.5 lb)

Sheath in vegetable-tanned leather

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    Gränsfors Bruk Swedish Broad Axe

    Posted by PT on 26th Apr 2022

    Really love this axe. The guys at Dawn Mowers customised the grind for me (right hand grind or reverse scissor grind) and have set the head on a slight angle so it sits of centre. Treated the handle with Danish oil. Looking forward to using it.

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