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Axe and Knife Accessories


In addition to our range of Axes and Knives, Dawn offers industry leading maintenance and care equipment. For more information and advice on care and maintenance contact us or visit our showroom.

  • From Log To House Book

    From Log To House Book

    From Log to Log House. Author, Sven-Gunnar Håkansson Finally back in print after many years. Until now used copies of this book were being sold for $200 or more! In the olden days, building from logs was common-place everywhere trees were...

  • Gränsfors Bruk Ceramic Sharpening Stone (4034)

    Gransfors Bruks Axe Stone rough/fine Ceramic The Gränsfors Ceramic Grinding Stone is a man-made sharpening stone with two grinding faces: a course side (180 grit) for repairing damage and heavy wear, and a fine side (600 grit) for sharpening. The...

  • Hultafors Grinding stone

    Hultafors Grinding stone

    With our grinding stone you can easily and securely grind your axe wherever you are. The grinding stone is of good size and designed to give a steady grip, protecting fingers and hands from cutting injuries. The elegant case in genuine leather protects...

  • Hultafors Trekkers Little Helper "Forsberg"

    Hultafors Trekkers Little Helper "Forsberg"

    The Forsberg is a versatile and useful companion for anyone who appreciates being in the wild. It is the perfect protection for your thigh and knee when working with knife or axe close to your body. It can also be used as a protected place to start a...

  • Leather Axe Handle Guard

    Leather Axe Handle Guard

    Handmade leather axe handle guard. Fits Gransfors Bruks Axes - 415 Wild Life Hatchet - 420 Small forest axe - 430 Scandinavian Forest Axe - 418 hunters Axe - 465 Carpenters Axe - 480 Broad Axe