Wolf Garten Tools

Dawn Mowers is the #1 supplier of Garden Hand Tools in Australia. We stock the full range of Wolf Garden hand tools. Buy online now for shipping across Australia or call us today on 03 9830 5444.

 The Gardening Tool Solution

WOLF-Garten offers the total gardening solution for lawn care, soil and cultivation, tree and shrub care and general garden maintenance. Our premium quality garden tool range includes the multi-change® system which is lightweight and comfortable to use.Whatever the job you are tackling in the garden, WOLF-Garten can provide the right tool for the job.

 Why Buy Wolf Garten?

The Wolf Garten name is synonymous with quality in the garden and lawn care field. All of your Wolf Garten tools are covered by a ten-year guarantee, meaning you can shop in the confidence that you are being backed by one of Australia's leading brands.

Coupled with this is Wolf Garten's the passion and experience derived from over 80 years in the research, development and manufacture of high-quality gardening equipment. Wolf Garten knows tools, and Wolf Garten knows gardening. 

Need Advice?

The Wolf Garten range is extensive. All of our staff are highly-trained and regularly use Wolf Garten tools. If you need advice on any of the Wolf Garten tools shown on the website, do not hesitate to call the Dawn Mowers on 03 9830 5444 

  • Wolf Garten Small Rake 19cm

    Wolf Garten Small Rake 19cm

    Small RakeWidth: 19 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Similar to DR-M, but more closely-spaced teeth.Curved prongs for more efficient, smoother action.  

    $28.00 $23.00
  • Wolf Garten Small Sweep

    Wolf Garten Small Sweep

    Small Sweep Width: 30 cm.Cleaning up covered areas.Applicable in the smallest of bed layouts.

  • Wolf Garten Soil Miller / Crumbler

    Wolf Garten Soil Miller / Crumbler

    CrumblerWidth: 15 cm.Recommended handle: ZM170.Breaks up to a fine tilth for sowing grass or planting seeds.Mixes peat and fertilisers into the soil.

    $108.00 $96.00
  • Wolf Garten Soil Rake 30cm

    Wolf Garten Soil Rake 30cm

    Soil RakeWidth: 30 cm.Recommended handle: ZM170.Garden rake with solid, high-quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration.

    $38.00 $36.00
  • Wolf Garten Soil Rake 35cm

    Wolf Garten Soil Rake 35cm

    Soil RakeWidth: 35cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Garden rake with solid, high-quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration.

    $39.00 $38.00
  • Wolf Garten Street Broom 31cm

    Wolf Garten Street Broom 31cm

    Street BrushWidth: 31cm.Recommended handle: ZM140.Tough PVC bristles, 70mm long. For all round use in the house or garden 

  • Wolf Garten Street Brush - B25M

    Wolf Garten Street Brush - B25M

    BrushWidth: 25cm.Recommended handle: ZM140, ZMA140.Handy brush with long flexible bristles for cleaning stairs and paths.

  • Wolf Garten Weed Extractor

    Wolf Garten Weed Extractor

    Weed ExtractorRecommended handle: ZM-AD.Removes all deep-rooted weeds simply by pushing into the ground, twisting and pulling out the weed.

    $33.00 $29.00
  • Wolf Garten Weeding Hoe

    Wolf Garten Weeding Hoe

    Scuffle HoeWidth: 16 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Weeding by simply pushing or pulling the tool.Sharp ground edges.Ideal for thinning.

    $35.00 $32.00
  • Wolf Garten Window Cleaner

    Wolf Garten Window Cleaner

    Window WiperRecommended handle: All multichange handles.Includes ZM02 handle.Broad wiper with high quality rubber lip and integrated hinge.

  • Wolf Garten Window Washer

    Wolf Garten Window Washer

    Window Washer Recommended handle: All multichange handles.Broad washing tool with removable mop and adjustment according to the wiping area.Mop is washable.

  • Wolf Hand Trowel

    Wolf Hand Trowel

    Hand Trowel (LU-SMC) Width: 8 cm.Recommended handles: All multichange handles.For gardens and balconies.

    $29.00 $27.00
  • Wolf Lawn Edger Half Moon

    Wolf Lawn Edger Half Moon

    Half-Moon Edger (RM-M) Width: 22.5 cm. Recommended handle: ZM-AD. Traditional half-moon design. Very strong and self-sharpening in use.