Wolf Garten Tools

Dawn Mowers is the #1 supplier of Garden Hand Tools in Australia. We stock the full range of Wolf Garden hand tools. Buy online now for shipping across Australia or call us today on 03 9830 5444.

 The Gardening Tool Solution

WOLF-Garten offers the total gardening solution for lawn care, soil and cultivation, tree and shrub care and general garden maintenance. Our premium quality garden tool range includes the multi-change® system which is lightweight and comfortable to use.Whatever the job you are tackling in the garden, WOLF-Garten can provide the right tool for the job.

 Why Buy Wolf Garten?

The Wolf Garten name is synonymous with quality in the garden and lawn care field. All of your Wolf Garten tools are covered by a ten-year guarantee, meaning you can shop in the confidence that you are being backed by one of Australia's leading brands.

Coupled with this is Wolf Garten's the passion and experience derived from over 80 years in the research, development and manufacture of high-quality gardening equipment. Wolf Garten knows tools, and Wolf Garten knows gardening. 

Need Advice?

The Wolf Garten range is extensive. All of our staff are highly-trained and regularly use Wolf Garten tools. If you need advice on any of the Wolf Garten tools shown on the website, do not hesitate to call the Dawn Mowers on 03 9830 5444 

  • Animal Away Animal Away

    Animal Away

      Animal Away Humane Functionality - A combination of flashing strobes and sonic disruption only wards away animals, and doesn't harm them Dual Power Sources - Runs on AC plug adapter or 9V batteries for protection even without an outlet Advanced...

  • Build A Frame Build A Frame

    Build A Frame

    Build A FrameDesigned to create cages and frames for your garden to support shade cloth, bird net or exclusion fabric. This clever design uses standard hardwood 25 mm (1") 'tomato stakes' commonly available in 1.8 m, 2.2 m and 2.4 m lengths. The heavy...

  • Snake Chaser Snake Chaser

    Snake Chaser

    Snakes have very poor eyesight and they can not hear sonic waves transmitted by the air.  To make up, they can sense vibrations transmit from the ground by their jowls as a signal of danger.  Thus, using the vibrant sound can be a pactical and...

  • Wolf Aluminium D-Grip Handle

    Wolf Aluminium D-Grip Handle

    Aluminium D-Grip Handle (ZM-AD) Length: 90 cm.Makes handling of multichange tools easier which work in pushing mode.Made of light-weight strong aluminium.

    $29.00 $28.00
  • Wolf Basic Plus Secateur

    Wolf Basic Plus Secateur

    Basic Plus Secateur (RR1500) Bypass secateurs.Ergonomic handle.Cuts up to 18mm.Non-stick coated blades.

  • Wolf Comfort Plus Secateur

    Wolf Comfort Plus Secateur

    Comfort Plus Secateur (RR2500) Bypass secateurs.Ergonomic handle.Cut up to 22mm.Hidden spring.Non-stick blades.

    $52.00 $49.00
  • Wolf Fruit Catcher

    Wolf Fruit Catcher

    The multi-star articulated fruit picker RG-M simplifies the picking of fruit thanks to individual adjustment of the working angle and the integrated sharp stainless steel blade. The basket with a diameter of approx. 13 cm permits harvesting of large...

  • Wolf Garden Scissor

    Wolf Garden Scissor

    Florist Shear RA-X Ideal for cutting flowers Also cuts rope, drapery, paper.

  • Wolf Garten Aeator / Cultivator Large Single Tine

    Wolf Garten Aeator / Cultivator Large Single Tine

    Aeator / Cultivator Large Single TineWidth: 3.5cm.Recommended handle: ZM140, ZMA140.The Wolf share cutterpenetrates even the heaviest of soils.Ideal for narrow rows and confined areas like rockeries.

    $29.00 $26.00
  • Wolf Garten Bow Steel Rake 40cm

    Wolf Garten Bow Steel Rake 40cm

    Bow RakeWidth: 40 cm.Recommended handle: ZM170.Curved teeth can pulled through smoothly.For soil and gravel.Flat top for leveling seedbeds.

    $52.00 $50.00