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Tree Care

Whether working deep in the bush, camping in the top end, landscaping, contracting or in your own garden, Dawn's range of tree care equipment will not let you down. With a full range of chainsaws, pole saws, stump grinders, chippers and shredders from lightweight all rounders, to powerful workhorses, we retail machines for every job.

  • STIHL MS 291 Yard Boss Chainsaw

    STIHL MS 291- 45cm/18'' Yard Boss Powerful, robust chainsaw for all-round use, with up to 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% fewer emissions compared to STIHL two-stroke engines of the same performance class without 2-MIX technology. Easy to...

  • Toro STX26 Stump Grinder

    Toro STX26 Stump Grinder

    From pine to gum, the Toro STX-26 Stump Grinder grinds down stumps quickly and efficiently. Some dedicated stump grinders are over complicated. Not the Toro STX. Its patented Toro® TX-style control system has two simple levers that are simple to...

  • Toro STX38 Stump Grinder

    Toro STX38 Stump Grinder

    The Toro STX-38 EFI Stump Grinder is built for outstanding durability in the toughest conditions. The STX-38 now features an electronic fuel injected engine and a redesigned cutter head for the best performance and grinding ability on the market. Fully...