Toro Z-Master

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Zero Radius Turn Mowers compared to a Traditional Lawn Tractor

Unmatched Productivity

Spin around at the end of rows without losing a moment of time or inches of mowing overlap.

Goes Fast, So You Finish Fast!

Depending on conditions, the Timecutter range can mow at up to 6.5 mph (10.5 k/ph), considerably faster than a tractor.

Easy And Fun To Operate

Two easy-to-use levers replace all the complicated hand and foot controls on a tractor, including the steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brakes.

A Clear, Unobstructed View

When you drive a tractor, most of the machine is in front of you, partially blocking your view. Because the Timecutter's engine is in the rear, it's easy to see what's ahead for mowing around landscaping.

Don't Waste Another Moment

Z time has come! Find out how enjoyable and efficient mowing can be with the Toro Timecutter range.