Garden Equipment


At Dawn Mowers we delight in looking after not just the professionals but the home gardener too. For over fifty five years we have sold and serviced all kinds of garden machinery. Lawn Mowers, Blowers, Edgers, Brushcutters, Hedge Trimmers and more. Be sure to call in and visit the Team at Dawn. Discussing your application to ensure you get the right tool for your job it critical. Buy it once, Buy it right at Dawn. Our servicing workshops keep us very close to what machinery works, and what models to avoid ! It is difficult to pass up experience when researching your equipment needs and at Dawn Mowers the Team of 12 share over 300 years of Industry experience you can call on.

  • Wolf Garten Street Broom 31cm

    Street BrushWidth: 31cm.Recommended handle: ZM140.Tough PVC bristles, 70mm long. For all round use in the house or garden 

  • Wolf Garten Street Brush - B25M

    BrushWidth: 25cm.Recommended handle: ZM140, ZMA140.Handy brush with long flexible bristles for cleaning stairs and paths.

  • Wolf Garten Weed Extractor

    Weed ExtractorRecommended handle: ZM-AD.Removes all deep-rooted weeds simply by pushing into the ground, twisting and pulling out the weed.

    $33.00 $29.00
  • Wolf Garten Weeding Hoe

    Scuffle HoeWidth: 16 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Weeding by simply pushing or pulling the tool.Sharp ground edges.Ideal for thinning.

    $35.00 $32.00
  • Wolf Garten Window Cleaner

    Window WiperRecommended handle: All multichange handles.Includes ZM02 handle.Broad wiper with high quality rubber lip and integrated hinge.

  • Wolf Garten Window Washer

    Window Washer Recommended handle: All multichange handles.Broad washing tool with removable mop and adjustment according to the wiping area.Mop is washable.

  • Wolf Garten ZM02 Handle

    Wolf GartenProduct Code:ZM02Handle for SawsLength: 16 cm.Especially for use with RE-M and RE-PM.High quality plastic.

  • Wolf Garten ZM04 Handle

    Wolf GartenProduct Code:ZM04 Heavy Duty Small HandleLength: 33 cm.Suitable for the small rockery tools.Aluminium

  • Wolf Garten ZM30 Handle

    Wolf GartenProduct Code:ZM30Mini Tool Handle 30cmLength: 30 cm.For all multichange mini tools.High quality plastic.