Garden Equipment


At Dawn Mowers we delight in looking after not just the professionals but the home gardener too. For over fifty five years we have sold and serviced all kinds of garden machinery. Lawn Mowers, Blowers, Edgers, Brushcutters, Hedge Trimmers and more. Be sure to call in and visit the Team at Dawn. Discussing your application to ensure you get the right tool for your job it critical. Buy it once, Buy it right at Dawn. Our servicing workshops keep us very close to what machinery works, and what models to avoid ! It is difficult to pass up experience when researching your equipment needs and at Dawn Mowers the Team of 12 share over 300 years of Industry experience you can call on.

  • Wolf Garten Mini Garden Rake

    Mini Garden Rake Recommended handle: ZMA140, ZM140, ZM04, ZM30, ZM02Five curved teeth for easy weeding and aerating in even the smallest flower beds.

    $18.00 $15.00
  • Wolf Garten Mini Hoe

    Mini Hoe Recommended handle: ZMA140, ZM140, ZM04, ZM30, ZM02For weeding, loosening, and breaking up soil.Broad, sharp blade with 3 tines.

    $24.00 $21.00
  • Wolf Garten Mini Weeding Claw

    Mini Weeding Claw Recommended handle: ZMA140, ZM140, ZM04, ZM30, ZM02Breaks up heavy soil.Useful in small beds and confined areas.Zinc-plated for rust protection.

    $24.00 $20.00
  • Wolf Garten Mini Weeding Hoe

    Mini Weeding Hoe Recommended handle: ZMA140, ZM140, ZM04, ZM30, ZM02For weeding and breaking up soil in small areas or in close-planted beds, borders or containers.Tines loosen soil.

    $26.00 $22.00
  • Wolf Garten Mounding Hoe 15cm

    Mounding HoeWidth: 15 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.For hoeing, weeding and trenching.Ideal for working around broad-leaved plants/shrubs.

    $39.00 $38.00
  • Wolf Garten Out Door Shovel

    Outdoor ShovelWidth: 25cm.Recommended handle: ZMAD,ZMA140,ZMA150.Includes a ZM02 handle.Very solid large pan.Adjustable hinge mechanism on pan.

  • Wolf Garten Scraper Weeder

    Garden ScraperRecommended handles: All multichange handles.Removes moss, grass and weeds from joints in paving.

    $22.00 $18.00
  • Wolf Garten Seeder

    Wolf Garten Seeder

    Seeder multi-change® Small Seed Sower from WOLF-Garten, designed to be used with your choice of lightweight handles.    Saves time and effort by sowing seeds uniformly in rows without bending 6 adjustable seed size settings - up to...

    $37.00 $36.00
  • Wolf Garten Small Rake

    Small Rake Clean, loosen and aerate in the smallest spacesIdeal for smoothing out the smallest areasGloss galvanised  

    $14.00 $13.00
  • Wolf Garten Small Rake 19cm

    Small RakeWidth: 19 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Similar to DR-M, but more closely-spaced teeth.Curved prongs for more efficient, smoother action.  

    $28.00 $23.00
  • Wolf Garten Small Sweep

    Small Sweep Width: 30 cm.Cleaning up covered areas.Applicable in the smallest of bed layouts.

  • Wolf Garten Soil Miller / Crumbler

    CrumblerWidth: 15 cm.Recommended handle: ZM170.Breaks up to a fine tilth for sowing grass or planting seeds.Mixes peat and fertilisers into the soil.

    $108.00 $96.00
  • Wolf Garten Soil Rake 30cm

    Soil RakeWidth: 30 cm.Recommended handle: ZM170.Garden rake with solid, high-quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration.

    $38.00 $36.00
  • Wolf Garten Soil Rake 35cm

    Soil RakeWidth: 35cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Garden rake with solid, high-quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration.

    $39.00 $38.00