Karesuando Stoera Àksu (Hunters Axe)

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Brown art nr. 78-3639

  • Stainless steel
  • moose bone
  • reindeer antlers
  • curly birch and cowhide
  • Weight about 310 grams
  • length of about 230 mm


Prepare the wood for the fire out on a picnic, at home by the fireplace or for gardening. Use it to fleece a larger animal for example a moose. Complete with a small pocket knife- and you are well prepared for hunting and all kinds of nature experiences. The head of the axe is of course made out of stainless steel, you don’t wanna carve a prey with a rusty tool. If you do not want the axe in your backpack you can carry it in the included holster. It’s designed so that you only need to drop the axe in it’s place which you attach to your belt like a sheath.