Lawn edgers are a small petrol engined machine that drives a vertical spinning metal blade, used to trim the edges of lawns and pathways. While a brushcutter can be used to complete the same task, the results can often be messy, and does not compare with the perfect trimming of a lawn edging machine. There simply is no other method to obtain a beautiful lawn's edging like a blade lawn edger can.

All lawn edger machines will have a height adjustment mechanism which adjusts the depth of cut. As the blade of the edger begins to wear down, it will be necessary to lower the blade to achieve the same depth of cut. Edging along pathways is recommended to cut at a depth of 1 cm and along garden bed, a deeper 4-8cm depending on the lawn's thatch and style of garden bed.

Types of Edgers:

Single Wheel Edgers were first designed, manufactured and sold by Atom Lawn Edgers. They have a single wheel, a light engine, and are easy to manoeuvre.

Multi/Tri-Wheeled Edgers are designed to be more stable and slightly heavier duty compared to single wheel edgers. The three wheels always ensure a vertical cut, but with the drawback of limited manoeuvrability. These edgers are recommended for larger areas with less curves and corners, usually utilised in commercial applications for public spaces.


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