Stihl Pole Pruner KombiTool HT-KM

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A long-reach Pole Pruner attachment for pruning, trimming and cutting high branches in commercial arboricultural applications.


Technical data

Tool Pole Pruner
Weight kg 1.8
Overall length cm 126




Carbon fibre shaft extensionZoom


Carbon fibre shaft extension

Carbon fibre lightweight shaft extension for the STIHL KombiSystem, allows an extra meter reach with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools.
Versions : Carbon shaft extension HT-KM, HL-KM
Price : $170.00

Comfortable Harness for HT 75Zoom

Comfortable Harness for HT 75

Evenly distributes the weight between the user's shoulders, back, hips and upper thighs, and also serves as a practical transportation aid. With soft padding for increased comfort during prolonged use and when working on large areas. The ideal
accessory for the HT 75.
Versions : HT Comfort harness
Price : $122.00