Stihl Hedge Trimmer KombiTool HL-KM

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A long-reach attachment with 135° rotating cutting head for efficient cutting, trimming and shaping high hedges in heavy-duty applications.


Technical data

Tool Hedge trimmer 135° adjustable
Weight kg 2.6
Overall length cm 160




Carbon fibre shaft extensionZoom

Carbon fibre shaft extension

Carbon fibre lightweight shaft extension for the STIHL KombiSystem, allows an extra meter reach with the KM-HT and KM-HL KombiTools.
Versions : Carbon shaft extension HT-KM, HL-KM
Price : $170.00
Tip ProtectorZoom

Tip Protector

The guide protects the top of the hedge cutter blades from wear.
Versions : Tip Protector
Price : $33.80