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The Toro Mini Diggers Range
Toro leads the Compact Utility Loader Market with the innovative TX1000 category crushing Loader. With eight machines to choose from, Toro Mini Diggers allow you to perform any job anywhere at any time. Their 100 + years engineering experience has enabled them to create a wide range of Loaders and over 20 versatile attachments for your mini digger.

Available Mini Diggers From Dawn
Wheel Loaders, TX525 loaders and the New TX1000 Loaders
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Hire Toro Mini Diggers
If you would like to feel the power of the Toro Mini Digger prior to purchase, Dawn has items available for hire. Please click here for more information.

Changing Attachments On Toro Mini Diggers
Genuine Toro attachments are your best assurance for attaining a long life and peak performance from Toro Mini Diggers. Toro offers more than 35 attachments that are designed specifically for our mini diggers.. Most attachments can be easily and quickly changed by the operator in under a minute.

Comparing Wheels To Tracks On Toro Mini Diggers
Toro Mini Diggers come standard with a full time track system that we believe has revolutionised the mini digger market. Designed specifically for Toro Mini Diggers, the track disperses weight with less pressure across the ground than the average footstep – an impressive result. While competitors may struggle with loose surfaces, Toro Mini Diggers seemingly float over such terrain.

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The Toro TX family of compact utility loader models’ auxiliary hydraulic performance makes light work of even the most challenging ground conditions. With exclusive easy-to-use TX control system and the walk-behind design, the TX compact utility loader makes productivity a snap for all levels of operators. A two-stage, heavy duty, remote air cleaner is contained under the hood, so it is not prone to damage and sight lines are not impaired.

The durable Kevlar® reinforced tracks offer extended life, unlike competitive units with metal inserts. The tracks disperse weight evenly, giving high floatation and a light footprint on turf, yet delivering the necessary traction in loose sand or mud. Its traction system’s open design is self-cleaning, which prevents the collection of sand, rocks, mud and debris. Available in diesel and petrol models, these versatile machines work with more than 35 attachments. The Toro tracked TX525 and TX427 compact utility loaders are the most versatile, reliable and hardest working on the Australian market.

TX525 Narrow/Wide

  • 25 HP Kubota® diesel engine
  • Track width 15 cm (N) / 24.1 cm (W)
  • 22.7 litre fuel tank
  • Double Kevlar® reinforced tracks for extended life
  • Operational platform allows ride-on capability (optional)
  • 52.2 lpm at 3,600 rpm auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote air cleaner

TX427 Narrow/Wide

  • 27 HP Kohler® petrol engine
  • Track width 15 cm (N) / 24.1 cm (W)
  • 22.7 litre fuel tank
  • Double Kevlar® reinforced tracks for extended life
  • Operational platform allows ride-on capability (optional)
  • 42.4 lpm at 3,600 rpm auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote air cleaner


Toro invented the category, now meet THE ALL-NEW TORO TX 1000 that’s redefining the compact utility loader. Designed with Toro exclusive vertical lift loader arms, its outstanding hinge pin height of 81” (206 cm) to clear the side of 23 m2 dumpsters and 1,000 kg trucks for maximum jobsite productivity delivers category crushing performance. Patent-pending controls are easy to operate and an innovative foot-operated auxiliary control results in greater efficiency. The TX 1000 is a lightweight, manoeuvrable machine that packs unmatched strength and reach in a compact package for the ultimate working advantage.

Vertical Lift Loader Arms

  • Rated operating capacity 453.6 kg (narrow track) and 487.6 kg (wide track) allows the TX 1000 to lift more than any compact utility loader on the market
  • Increased load capacity and greater reach at full height deliver even stronger performance
  • 81” (206 cm) hinge pin height allows attachments to easily clear the side of 23 m2 dumpsters or 1,000 kg trucks
  • Vertical path of lift arms allows for more efficient vertical applications, such as augering or concrete breaking

High Drive Track System

  • Endless Kevlar® reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and durability
  • Ideal for the demands of any jobsite to outperform on any surface, even sand or loose gravel
  • Maximum manoeuvrability on uneven surfaces

Easy Operation

  • Our patent-pending traction control design is intuitive, easy to operate, effortless
  • Auxiliary foot control maintains hydraulic flow to the attachment, freeing the operator’s hands to focus on ground speed and attachment positioning
  • Dedicated operating platform with thigh and hip padding for increased operator comfort
  • Suspended platform has clear line of sight to the attachment plate, machine, and jobsite for maximum visibility

Powerful and Efficient

  • Kubota® D1305 diesel, Tier-4 compliant engine features high torque and increased displacement for the strongest compact utility loader yet
  • Fast ground speeds at 7.6 km/h in forward and reverse
  • Dual fuel tanks offer all day productivity
  • Easy engine access and belt-free design minimise maintenance