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WOLF Garten

  • Wolf Garten Soil Rake 35cm

    Soil RakeWidth: 35cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Garden rake with solid, high-quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration.

    MSRP: $39.00
  • Wolf Garten Street Broom 31cm

    Street BrushWidth: 31cm.Recommended handle: ZM140.Tough PVC bristles, 70mm long. For all round use in the house or garden 

  • Wolf Garten Street Brush - B25M

    BrushWidth: 25cm.Recommended handle: ZM140, ZMA140.Handy brush with long flexible bristles for cleaning stairs and paths.

  • Wolf Garten Weed Extractor

    Weed ExtractorRecommended handle: ZM-AD.Removes all deep-rooted weeds simply by pushing into the ground, twisting and pulling out the weed.

    MSRP: $33.00
  • Wolf Garten Weeding Hoe

    Scuffle HoeWidth: 16 cm.Recommended handle: ZM150, ZMA150.Weeding by simply pushing or pulling the tool.Sharp ground edges.Ideal for thinning.

    MSRP: $35.00
  • Wolf Garten Window Cleaner

    Window WiperRecommended handle: All multichange handles.Includes ZM02 handle.Broad wiper with high quality rubber lip and integrated hinge.

  • Wolf Garten Window Washer

    Window Washer Recommended handle: All multichange handles.Broad washing tool with removable mop and adjustment according to the wiping area.Mop is washable.

  • Wolf Garten ZM04 Handle

    Wolf GartenProduct Code:ZM04 Heavy Duty Small HandleLength: 33 cm.Suitable for the small rockery tools.Aluminium

  • Wolf Garten ZM140 Handle

    Wolf Garten Product Code:ZM140Harwood HandleLength: 140 cm.Fits all multichange tool heads

  • Wolf Garten ZM150 Handle

    Wolf Garten Product Code:ZM150Harwood HandleLength: 150 cm.Fits all multichange tool heads

  • Wolf Garten ZM170 Handle

    Wolf Garten Product Code:ZM170Harwood HandleLength: 170 cm.Fits all multichange tool heads.

  • Wolf Garten ZM30 Handle

    Wolf GartenProduct Code:ZM30Mini Tool Handle 30cmLength: 30 cm.For all multichange mini tools.High quality plastic.

  • Wolf Garten ZMA140 Handle

    Wolf Garten Product Code:ZMA140Hardwood HandleLength: 140 cm.Fits all multichange tool heads.