Blowers & Vacs

Dawn Mowers is the #1 garden blower and vac specialist in Melbourne. We stock a wide range of leaf blowers, petrol blowers, petrol vacs, garden vacs and more. We stock all the big brands including Stihl, Honda, Echo, Shindaiwa and more.

Dawn Mowers has the Biggest range & best price on hand held Blowers, backpack Blowers and walk behind Blowers & Vacuums including leading brand by Stihl, Echo, Shindaiwa and Honda in Melbourne

Leaf blowers and vacs are used to clear gardens, driveways and courtyards of leaves and other debris. More than general cleanliness, it's important to maintain properties to ensure maximum fire safety, particularly during the bushfire season. For tree service professionals, leaf blowers eliminate tedious sweeping and raking chores. They save time and provide the client with a perfectly clean site and lasting impression.

There are many different types of leaf blowers, and choice may come down to the size of the yard and intended use (domestic or commercial). For assistance in selecting a proper blower,

Dawn Mowers offers a comprehensive range of Blowers and Blower Vacs in all Leading Brand Blowers by Stihl, Shindaiwa, Echo and Honda with 2 to 5 year warranties available, as are lower priced Blowers. Electric Blower Vacs by Stihl, Commercial Back Pack Blowers by Stihl, shindaiwa, and quiet performing 4 stroke Blowers by Honda and are also available. If you need a Blower for Home or Commercial use you'll find the best option at Dawn Mowers Surrey Hills Melbourne.


      This versatile lightweight power blower with vacuum capability is ideal for the home user & has been a proven winner for many years. Lightweight, just 4.1kg Optional vacuum attachment or rain gutter kit to handle a variety of jobs High...



    Product Description   With a reliable design and loads more power this blower is ideal for the most fastidious of users with all the features you’ve come to expect from buying an ECHO. ECHO ‘ES’ Easy Start System for effortless...


    This compact petrol powered outdoor vacuum is perfect for medium-large size yards, driveways, tennis courts and pool surrounds and ensures cleaning up is a breeze. It features a 55cm collection width that allows debris to be cleared up quicker as well as...

  • Honda HHB25 4 Stroke Blower

    DOWNLOAD MORE INFORMATION BROCHURE     INTRODUCING THE HHB25 THE HONDA ADVANTAGE With its ultra-quiet Honda 4-Stroke engine, this little beauty makes the uncomfortable vibration and ear-piercing wail of the 2-Stroke obsolete. You'll...