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Axes & Knives

Swedish blacksmiths have been hand-forging the worlds most superior blades for centuries. The finest Axes and Knives are still handmade by Swedes to this day. Explore Australia's most comprehensive range of Gränsfors-Bruk Axes, Hultafors Axes, Karesuando Kniven and Eka Knives on offer.

  • Gränsfors Bruk Double Bit Throwing Axe (490)

    Gränsfors Bruk Double Bit Throwing Axe (490)

    The Gränsfors Double Bit Axe is based on the North American working axes, but has been modified for use in axe throwing. Both edges are identical and the centre of gravity and handle are carefully positioned so that the axe rotates well in flight...

  • Karesuando Bäver 10 Knife (The Beaver)

    Beaver Damask Handle of oiled curly birch and reindeer antler Blade 21x100 mm of Martensitic powder steel,120-160 layers hardened to 58HRC.3mm cowhide sheath.