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Animal Away

  • Humane Functionality - A combination of flashing strobes and sonic disruption only wards away animals, and doesn't harm them
  • Dual Power Sources - Runs on AC plug adapter or 9V batteries for protection even without an outlet
  • Advanced Infrared Systems - Infrared motion detectors ensure the device only goes off when it needs to
  • Local Protection - Detects only close-by intruders; no more grating alarms for far-off threats
  • Adjustable Mounting Case - Post it on your porch to protect your home or stake it in your garden to protect your veggies


Product Description

Anyone who's ever woken up to paw prints all over the hood of their car, or a garden full of torn up vegetables and flowers knows the necessity for a good animal repellent. But where most products harm animals with deadly steel traps, or poison them with noxious chemicals, our Humane Away Pest & Animal Remover keeps all those nosy critters away with a combination of flashing lights and sonic emissions, a safe and harmless solution for keeping your home pest-free.

The Latest in Humane Animal Deterrence
The Humane Away uses a cutting edge system of Passive Infrared (PIR) detection monitors to keeps any pesky critters away from your homestead. The PIR scanner monitors a 70° arc at a distance of 12 meters for both body heat and motion, using a twofold check to ensure protection. When detected, the Humane Away's flashing LED strobe lights and 18,000-24,000 Hz ultrasonic emitters escort animals from your property, scaring them away without harming them.

Defends Against All Animals 
Using ultrasonic emitters to deter any sort of animal away from your home: cats, dogs, rodents, raccoons, rabbits, skunks, and more are all susceptible to the Humane Away's ultrasonic interference. Have a problem with birds or larger animals? And The Humane Away also has an audible sound mode, which is loud enough to disturb even human intruders. And for those animals that are undeterred by sonic interference, the ultra-bright light of the device's LED strobes is sure to frighten off any would-be intruders.

Protects Your Home and Garden Alike 
The Humane Away is equipped with a case that not only protects the alarm from damage, but also makes it easy to mount on walls or poles. Installation is as simple: all you need is a screw to mount the device on and you're good to go. Need to protect your garden or yard? The case is fitted with a slot specially designed to fit garden stakes for standalone placement.